Ultimate Party Hairstyles – How to Create

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Each season provides an opportunity for celebration. Winter is famous with Christmas and New Year parties, spring and autumn are periods of the year when many music festivals are organized. Summer is the best time for beach parties. To feel confident while attending seasonal party, you have to create the best hairstyle. Here are four ultimate party hairstyles and advice how to create them.

 Wavy Locks

If you have a long hair, then wavy locks will help you to get on-trendy look. This hot hairstyle is easy to create. Use a curling iron with a 1 inch barrel. You can form wavy locks in 10-15 minutes depending on your hair type. When purchasing a curling iron, opt for one featuring tourmaline technology which protects hair and make it look healthy and brilliant.

There is a natural alternative to create a curly hairstyle. Salon stylists recommend making your hair wavy with braids, especially if your hair is damaged. This technique will add texture and fresh look. The key to this natural look is to use the right hair spray to fix the curls. Apply it mostly to the ends and allow the hair to keep its natural flow.

Last but not least you can use hot rollers to create bouncy large curls and to add volume. It can be a little bit tricky to roll you hair into hot rollers. You might need to practice this technique before the big event. Do not forget to set the curls with hairspray.

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Ponytail Hairstyles

Trend forecaster claim that ponytail always look festive. Sleek and straight high ponytail is perfect not only for the sports activity but also for informal parties. It can be easy to create this style. Pull out the hair from the face, then gather it in the back in a long tail. There are many ways to form the ponytail. You only need a comb, bobby pins and hair ties. You can create knotted high pony, low ponytail, twisted side tail, high or low twist, etc.

Sleek and Glossy Hair

A good example of an ultimate party hairstyle is a sleek and glossy straight hair. To create this style you will need a paddle brush, flat iron, heat protectant and styling product to fix the sleek effect. The best option for the hair straightener is a styling tool designed to protect the hair. Flat irons with tourmaline ceramic plates are great. Finally use hairspray to add shine to the hair.

Bun Hairstyle

To add more texture to the hair, it is a good idea to curl your hair before create a bun style. Try to make large bouncy curls, fix them with a hairspray and then dress the bun up with hair pins ant hair ties.
An adorable variation is the hair donut. Since it has to be perfectly shaped, you have to use a special formed sponge. It is not so difficult to create this trendy look. Start by making a ponytail. Pull the tail through the hole in the doughnut and form a bun.

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