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The perfect manicure depends on the quality of the nail tools you use at home. When painting your nails and toes, it is essential to have the right set. The must-have kit includes a nail clipper, file, buffer, and a cuticle instrument. Furthermore you will need special equipment depending on nail polish styles you prefer. Check out this nail kit information.

Nail Clippers and Nail Trimmers

Clippers and trimmers for toes and fingers are usually made out of tempered stainless steel. The best models feature excellent durability, as well as smooth and easy action.

There is a professional clipper for artificial nails, acrylic manicure, and gel nails. It is designed with sharp edge. It could also be round, straight or well-cut edge. This clipper is suitable for nail art studios and for home use.

Nail Files and Buffers

These instruments file the nail, and help to and remove ridges. Your nails will look smooth shiny after use of ultra-durable nail block or wood files. You use these tools before painting you fingers or toes.

Nail Art Equipment and Tools

The perfect tool for ladies who love sophisticated nail art design is the nail art painting pen. You will also need a brush for blending hues, and reaching tight spaces. Once you have identified the right technique, it could be еasy to handle this pen. It is considered the best tool for professional and home use.
Rhinestones that can be applied with nail polish are also part of the must-have nail art equipment. This nail accessory looks amazing over the top coat.
Dotting pens are irresistible if you like polka dots. There is a variety of options with different dotting balls. For example there is a special marbleizing tool.

Manicure Sets & Kits

Manicure kit is very useful when you are at work or travel. The case can be a gift for a friend or colleague. The set usually includes up to 10 items such as finger nail clipper, toe nail clipper, pocket nail cuticle nipper, trimmer, nail file, and scissors.

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