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Irina Shayk stars the yoga session more sweet part of the story in a photograph that the model has been uploaded to Instagram to show that you can also do the exercise with wearing unexpected. Of the same features of Instagram that brought us to Irina Shayk topless with the transparencies of a dress from Versace comes a new image of the model stretching its spectacular figure on a yoga mat to demonstrate to their followers that they can exercise and have style at the same time. What happens is that we can think of no situation in which this spectacular Russian not bring out your fiery sensuality, so any thing that was made would have been to convince the more than 70,000 users of the social network of the photographs square that have voted for this photo.

Image credits: Irina Shayk’s instagram

Even the heated polemic of Irina Shayk with the friends of Bradley Cooper is capable of heating the environment, as this posed that you share on Instagram, while keeping a posture in the gym to showcase the curves of your figure and at the same time demonstrate to the world that you can sport with jeans. The authors of the miracle are the designers of Replay, they have managed to create a few jeans called Hyperskin which become the second skin of the person who leads and enables a elasticity extreme to do what we want with them.

Irina Shayk has chosen to do yoga to demonstrate that elasticity of the that presume the Replay. It does not take much more than this image to make fashion a garment that in addition becomes a very practical for all those addicted to the sport who like to keep the style even in the moments in which you put your body to the limit during a sports session. Has little casual and a lot of commercial this image, which shares the ex-girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram, but if you want to train like her, you already know what garments can not miss in your gym bag. Have you tried this kind of jeans?

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