How to Raise Your Sweet Chinchillas

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Keep your chinchilla well replenished by putting freshly filtered water in its cage. The water bottle should be clean. In a week, the water must be changed at least three times. They choose either timothy or alfalfa hay, which they can eat with ease if their cage has a feeding ball. Two tablespoons or roughly 25-30 grams are enough if you choose to feed them with pellets. As such, you can also give your chinchillas large amount of dry grass.

Another important item that should be positioned inside their cage is a special sand and box. Like most merchandise nowadays, you can buy this online or you can visit the local pet shop near you. This is imperative for their grooming since the only way for chinchillas to keep their coat clean is to do the dust bath. Apart from cleaning their coat; the dust also massages their entire body. The dust bath typically lasts for 15-20 minutes. In a week, chinchilla dust bathing should be accomplished two to three times.

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