Basic Skin Care Kit

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It is a well-known fact that skin is the largest organ in human body. The skin reveals your true age and its good condition reflects your health. That is why it is essential to invest in proper skin care products. Assembling a basic skin care kit is very important because you will use it every day.You need to add in it products that are applied to clean and moisturize your face, eyes, body and hands. Consider your skin type when buying skin care products.

Facial Treatments

The good facial skin care involves cleansing, moisturizing and protecting products.

The cleanser is an important part of good skin care. It removes dirt and excess oils. Choose one with mild effect. There is a variety of facial cleansing product such as soothe gels, toners and serum. The state-of-the-art cleansing facial products exfoliate only dead cells. They are very gentle to the natural oils in your skin.

Face buff energizing scrub and exfoliators complement the positive action of daily facial cleanser.

The second important step in facial skin care is moisturizing. Good skin care involves cosmetic products that protect moisture retention. This step is essential not only to rejuvenate dry skin but also to make oily skin look fresh and radiant. Moisturizing is recommended for all skin types to maintain the epidermis` structure. Face moisturizers are designed to neutralize free radicals and to enable proper cellular function. The choice of a lotion which holds water in the skin depends of skin type.

The next step in your skin care routine is using facial cream. Consider products containing sunscreen to prevent the negative effect of UV radiation. If you are over 25 years you have to purchase a variety of facial treatments – daily facial cream, night cream, neck cream, eyes cream and dark circle treatments.
Face treatments may also include toner and mask especially if you are experiencing sunburn or photo aging skin.

Body Skin Care

Your body’s skin requires proper treatment to look smooth and glowing. It is recommended to use gentle soap when you are taking a shower. When get out of the shower you have to moisturize your body with the right lotion. This is an essential part of your daily routine.

Opt for deodorants and antiperspirants with mild effect. Aggressive antiperspirants may contain toxic ingredients that can be easily absorbed by the skin. If you use a deodorant on a daily basis, then buy one that neutralizes the smell without blocking the pores.

The basic skin care kit also contains foot care cosmetics. Feet smoothing lotion is very important if you are experiencing a rough skin on the feet. Using a deodorizing foot powder is also part of the daily care routine.

Hand creams and lotions as well as hand soaps are a must-have addition to the skin care kit. It is a good idea to purchase moisturizing gloves. They are designed to seal the moisture in the skin. The fabric does not allow the hand lotion to sink into the gloves. You have to wear them at night.

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